About Us

Established in 2011,
J.KT Solutions Pte. Ltd is a physical commodities trading and brokerage firm that is based in Singapore. J.KT Solutions started out as a small trading company that brokered shipments of coal and iron ore between mines in Brazil, Indonesia, India, and mill & power plants in China. Our resilience and dedication to building a strong network has allowed us to establish direct, reliable working relationships with many suppliers and buyers in the commodity market across the world.

Through forging connections with the people that we meet, J.KT Solutions concludes business transactions by supplementing the growing needs of a rapidly evolving economy - by finding commodities where supply is abundant and delivering to areas where demand is great. The breadth and reach of our global network gives us a profound understanding of the intricate inter-dependencies of the world’s commodities markets.

J.KT Solutions' status as a private company and non-hierarchical partnership structure gives us the unique ability to act swiftly, innovatively and decisively. We trust our people, and give them considerable responsibility. We make decisions quickly, with short chains of command. This solid platform allows us to build long-standing partnerships with our customers, who trust us for creative solutions, reliable connections and delivery. More importantly, it gives our clients, and the people we work with, a peace of mind.